Best Makeup Artist Secrets

Working as and learning the best makeup artist secrets is not only exciting but also challenging, rewarding, and extremely competitive. There are numerous benefits that come from working as a professional makeup artist such as having a variety of unique fields to work in, job stability, a bright future, and great earning potential. For these reasons, it is not surprising that so many people have shown interest in becoming one and it makes me wonder if some have certain secrets to become the best makeup artist.

However, when comparing careers of different makeup artists both nationally and internationally, it becomes clear that some have achieved incredible success beyond what others have. With this, it makes a person question if the professionals who hold coveted positions in Hollywood as FX, film and movie, special effects, theater, and even the best makeup artist in beauty do not hold certain secrets close to the heart.

Because there is a definite division of good versus great makeup artists, we wanted to offer insight into some of the things the highly successful artists know and do differently. Although not every person who strives to be one of the world’s best will achieve that goal, perhaps gaining insight into certain secrets would help this individual go further in this particular career than ever anticipated. This knowledge could also boost your salary in a wonderful way.


Insider Secrets to Become the Best Makeup Artist

Although there are other options for achieving incredible success with professional makeup tips, the things listed below have been shared by the best of the best in this industry, showing viable means of getting ahead of the game and going on to enjoy a long, rewarding career no matter the specific field of makeup artistry a person enters.


Educational Journey

One of the best makeup artist secrets we discovered is that the ones with the strongest and most lucrative careers did not rush the process of getting into this industry. In other words, while these artists were eager to build a career, they also recognized the value of doing things right from the beginning.

Therefore, instead of hurrying through the educational process and going to work, people who have reached great success took their time and absorbed as much information as they could. Some may have started by watching YouTube videos to see if this was a field of interest. These days YouTube has some of the top professional makeup artists giving the best tips for free.

There are now multiple colleges and makeup artist schools that offer courses and we have listed some on our site that you can see here.

Unfortunately, with this being such a competitive market, there are now multiple colleges and makeup artist schools that offer quick courses so a person could graduate quicker and get to work. However, according to the top experts, this is the very thing that should be avoided. Instead, even if it costs more money to attend one of the premier educational institutions and more time to graduate the program, education is the foundation on which success is built making it a sure way to become the best with dedication to your career.

No matter if you choose college or to learn makeup on your own, the biggest secret of all is Practice. You need to practice on yourself and others. Start with friends or family then move on to others. Keep practicing and continue learning all area of the art.


Another top secret shared by world-renown makeup artists is the importance of acquiring certifications. There are many different programs offered specific to this career path, each providing certification once the program is successfully completed. While some people might not think of makeup artist certifications as being important, the true experts disagree and go on to state that these very certifications are a critical key to being accepted into an elite makeup artist agency.


Style Elements

One of the most common mistakes that makeup artists make, keeping them from moving ahead to a greater level of success, is placing all focus solely on transforming a persons appearance via the skills of makeup and not considering other style elements. To become one of the best makeup artist that’s in great demand, learning this art form is something that can push your success forward.

Instead, it is what a person looks like by coordinating the final look with clothing, colors worn, hair color and style, their facial features, eye color, and even the type of event attending. Once a makeup artist takes all design elements into consideration along with applying makeup for the kind of look needed to achieve the best makeup artist status, the outcome far exceeds anyone’s wildest imagination.



We also wanted to mention diversification is one of the best makeup artist secrets which has been held close for years. Regardless of the look needing to be achieved or the kind of event a person plans to attend, the goal is to create multiple styles that would work. For instance, someone scheduled to attend a red carpet event needing a glamorous look should have more than one style from which to choose.

Building a portfolio based on diversity accomplishes several goals. For one thing, this without doubt strengthens the makeup artist’s portfolio, which makes services in even greater demand. In addition, if the artist works for a professional agency, this boosts that agency’s strength and reputation. Diversity also opens new doors of opportunity regarding the type of artistry one could get involved with.

The best makeup artist uses diversity that consists of mixing and matching styles. Rather than stick to one particular style according to the event, mixing things up would make clients look exceptional and unique. A bride-to-be is a perfect example of how diversity would work. No bride wants to look ordinary or like another bride on her special day so giving her a look consisting of more than one style, she stands out but in a positive way. With this, her guests would be left marveling at her sheer beauty.

We also wanted to point out the value of using high-tech methods as part of being a diversified makeup artist. Although this requires additional education and training, the investment of time and money would pay off long-term. Obviously, the stronger the portfolio the more in demand the person becomes, which in turn leads to greater and greater success.

Because high-tech makeup applications are specialized and challenging, being able to proudly and boldly state this as a skill possessed puts the artist in a position of control regarding the future. The bottom line for becoming the best makeup artist is that being diverse means becoming well-versed in a variety of application styles, which is a huge factor in determining this ones overall success.